Thursday, March 13, 2014

And we are raised human..

As I sat at my favourite spot in my house, waiting for the morning glory to gently kiss my face, I reflected on life.

I have this overwhelming feeling of bliss that God has made me.. well, a human!

Yes, a human being..


I mean, let's be real here.

I could be an ant, right? Or maybe a watermelon. Or perhaps a flower. A spinach? Could be a butterfly too. Or a cat? 

But, nope.  

He, Most Loving, Most Caring has made me a blessed human.

A human being who is blessed to be alive in rare ways but so frequently we take for granted of.

So I am able to smell the flowers, laugh with friends, be hugged and loved. I am able to read and giggle. Meet friends and have a cuppa. Create inventions, innovate. Bake. Exercise and sweat. Sleep and pray. Cry and heal. 

And oh, so much more.

So I asked myself a question this morning. 

What should I do that only a human being can do, to make my life worthwhile as a human God has blessed me to become?

What have I done to show that there are vast difference between me and the little bird, the cat and the butterfly?

If I just eat, sleep and poop, then what difference would I be from them, right?

This is hard question I am asking myself.

What am I doing right now to make me worth to be called a human being God created?

And what are you doing too, my friends?

Let us all think about it, shall we? 

With happiness and joy,
Sis Zabrina
Thursday, 13th Mac 2014

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