Do We Know What Are We Eating Everyday? Frankensteer: The Passionate Eyes


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Do We Know What Are We Eating Everyday? Frankensteer: The Passionate Eyes

That day I had to do something with my sister. Mid-way, we got hungry.

And a Spanish proverb said it rightly,

The belly rules the mind.

It sure does!

So, naturally, we went to look for place to eat.

And as we have not decided what to eat as yet, I suggested a few eateries at our favourite mall.

'What about some grilled chicken, sugar?" I suggested while mentioning the name of the restaurant.

'Sis, havent you heard that the halal-ness of that restaurant is doubtful?' she shockingly asked me

'What? Really? Ya Allah, I didnt know!'

I kinda freaked out a little (ok, a lot!) as I have been quite a loyal customer to that place. I love the taste of the chicken and their special sauce.

But now, I dont think I am going to set foot into that place again, until and unless I am very sure that it is halal, inshaAllah.

That incident reminded me of the words of Allah when He says,

"O you people! Eat of what is on earth lawful and good!" (2:168)

Yup, our food must be Lawful AND Good.

And clearly, the place has not fulfilled my Lord's requirements as I have doubt now about the lawfulness and goodness of their food.

Talking about goodness of food, I remembered watching this gory video about cows.

Here is the synopsis,

Frankensteer is a disturbing documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow has been turned into an antibiotic-dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food. Frankensteer exposes the harsh and sometimes frightening realities of how our beef gets to our tables. According to this compelling documentary, the beef industry, supported by North American government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, has engaged in an on-going experiment to create the perfect food machine. Their goal is to increase speed of production and reduce the cost of manufacture. But there is a price in producing a cheap industrial product. This benign, grazing herbivore has undergone a transformation in how it's raised, fed and slaughtered. And consumers, by and large, are totally unaware of the dangers lurking in their beloved steaks, ribs and, most especially, hamburgers. Frankensteer reveals some startling facts: Every year, 50 per cent of the total tonnage of antibiotics used in Canada ends up in livestock. And every year cattle raised in massive feedlots are routinely dosed with antibiotics even if they are not sick

And this is what the people said about the documentary,

If you want my opinion, there is something very strange in the food we eat in the US and Canada...not sure what it is but everyones getting fat and everyones getting cancer. This film doesnt put our meat system as the culprit but it does explain some very wrong things that are going on with our meat system...things that I wouldnt be surprised if in the future are proven to be very bad to our health and killing people. Actually, some of them have been proven now. The film isnt flashy but its well made and looks at things from a Canadian perspective.

Frankensteer: The passionate eye

Let us all remember what Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur'an:

"O you who believe, do not forbid the good things which Allah has made lawful for you and do not exceed limits. Surely Allah does not love those who exceeds the limits." (5:90)

Think About It, my friends, let us all think before we eat...

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