The Secret to Permanent Change - Inspirational Story about Being Continuous

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The Secret to Permanent Change - Inspirational Story about Being Continuous

That day I was reading an article about a special type of flower known as Amorphophallus Titanum.

And it seems that this type of flower would need a few years from the day its seed is planted before it can start blooming.

I couldn't help but imagine, the significant second by second growing that flower has to do for a couple of years just to be able to bloom once!

SubhanAllah! Amazing, isn't it?

That article reminded me of what T Harv Eker once said in one of his videoclips,

"Simple things, done over long period of time, on ongoing basis, will give you the best result and change who you are"

Do you want to know what else he said?

Well, let me share with you his video clip below:

It totally make sense to me what Harv said - not eating junk and eating more greens, if done over three or four days, that's what most people do in their lives. Done over three or four years, it will change your life. Keeping agreement, done over a day or two, will change your relationship with somebody, done over a decade, will change who you are.

T Harv Eker's few minutes clip has actually helped me get a deeper understanding of something Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) once said:

"The best loved deeds to Allah are the ones that are continuous even if they are not very many." (Bukhari and Muslim)

No wonder Allah said that the deeds He loved best are deeds that are continuous and consistently done, you agree my brothers and sisters.

And can you figure out why?

Coz deeds done continuously and consistently can definitely change our lives and who we are!

Think About It.

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