Let's Learn from World Proverbs - Inspirational Proverb from Congo on Pride


As Salaamu 'alakum and peace to all,

Inspirational Proverb from Congo on Pride

A proverb from Republic of Congo said,

Pride only goes the length one can spit

When I first read this beautiful Congo proverb, what I understood and gathered from it was that we are in control of this feeling of pride in us.


Well, because we are the one who controls the length of our 'spit', right?

Or more importantly, we are the one who decide whether we really do want to spit or not, you agree?

And not only that, this Congo proverb shows me how yucky the feeling of pride is!

Yup, as yucky as a spit!

And that reminds me of what Allah the Al Mighty says,

"Indeed, He does not love the proud." [an-Nahl (16):23]

Indeed, He does not!

So let us all ask ourselves these questions my friends.

Do we really want to risk losing Allah's Love, my dearest brothers and sisters? Do we?

I know I sure dont!

And I am sure you dont too, right?

So now, to help us get rid of this feeling of pride, let us ask ourselves another question-

What was one of the things that we have achieved recently that gave us the feeling or sense of pride?

You got it?

Now, let ask ourselves again- do we think that it is us who make that thing possible? Or it is Allah Who gives us the strength/creativity/intelligence/idea/capability to do so?

Think About It

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