New and Latest Blog Post Schedule 2009


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

I am very excited to announce the latest blog schedule for Life Storyteller Islamic Motivational and Inspirational Stories Blog, inshaAllah. And I hope everyone is excited too. :))

Here goes!

Every Monday : My Tweets This Week (This will summarize all the 'tweeting' and 'chirping' I made for that week- it's all about quotes and wise words my dearest friends. Dont worry, I wont tweet about what I ate today morning!)

Every Wednesday: My Favourite Clip (I will share the clips I find either useful, exciting, intriguing or amazing with everyone on this day)

Every Friday : My Friday Reflection (Reflection Story of the week)

And inshaAllah, I will start this new schedule.... TODAY!

Jumaat Mubarak everyone!

Salaams and Love
Sis Zabrina