Do You Love Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Too?


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Do You Love Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Too?

That day, I was with some friends, hanging out. Then, suddenly, one of them said to me- you know Sis, I have always wanted to ask you this one question.

'What is it? Ask me now!' I said with a smile.

'Well, I am a big fan of quotes and proverbs too. I mean, I read them a lot. But, whenever I read your stories, you seemed to always have quotes that I have never read before. Where did you get them?' she asked.

'Ohhh... well, I do have a huge collection of them. I simply keep the ones I read in a database. It took a while, but, it is worth the effort. You should start one too. And then, share it with others!' I told her.

'I wish you have a way to share more of your quotes than the ones you have in your stories!' she answered me.

Immediately, I remembered what Cicero once said,

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.

Opppss! So true, dont you think?

Yes, I should heed my own advice. I should share more of my quotes collection with others!

So, needless to say, that conversation had actually haunted me for sometime, not in the spooky kind of way, but, in a way that had forced me to ask myself this very important question

What can i do to share more of the inspirational, funny, witty, mind-boggling quotes and stories that i have collected over these years?

And more than that, I remembered what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had said once,

No one of you will attain (perfect) faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself (Al - Bukhari and Muslim)

Wow, I know at least one of my friends who confessed that she loves quotes, right? So, if I can share my quotes collections with her, and because I love quotes and she loves quotes too, dont I think that Allah has given me a way to give someone else something they love as how i gave myself something I love?

However, deep in my heart, I know there are if not thousands or hundreds of thousands, it could be millions of people like me and my friend too, who loves quotes, dont you think? I bet (not literally!), you are one of them, right?

Did I see heads nodding? Yes? SubhanAllaah!! This is so exciting, you agree?

And the best part of all, not only that I could share, but, it also means that we all would be able to work our way towards getting stronger faith!

What do you think my brothers and sisters? Isn't this among the easiest way to make us all be stronger in faith?


And less than a month later, I found just the way to do it!

Alhamdulillaah, yes, i did. Thanks to another friend of mine, who directed me to a new site called It was like an answer to my prayer, subhanAllah!

So, that was what i have been up to lately, in between my book launch, writing etc. I was beefing up my latest website which i called

Check it out!'

Life Storyteller Social Networking Platform

Now, not only i could share quotes, stories and proverbs; but I get to share the photos I snapped and videos too. Best of all, I get to share the Quranic verses and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad that could zest up our lives, make us better persons, gives us positive outlook in life and bring us closer to Him and His Paradise too!

Isn't it simply amazing? AllahuAkbar!

So, again, if you would like to take a peep at my collections of stuff, and get linked to me personally, do join me at my . Also, all announcements of my whereabouts and public appearances will be posted there too, insha Allah.

Oh yes, did I say, it is all FREE?!!!

And you can also post photos, share your resources and have your own blog there too, if you want!

I know that I will find all of you there, sharing, sharing, and sharing. Isnt that what life is all about?


So, click this link and let us all not only get connected like the Story of the Farmer and his Orange Seeds in Secret Six from Life is an Open Secret- Think about It, but to also start making our way one step closer to His Paradise! Ameen!


[p/s: This Life Storyteller Motivational Blog will still be very active for all my motivational stories. will house my collection of individual and stand alone Verses, Hadith, photos, quotes, poems, stories etc now a daily basis! Just thought I should clarify that. :)) ]

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Anonymous said…
assalamualaikum sisZabrina,tq 4 sharing d quotes. i'v read your book and find that it's very motivating and inspiring.keep up the good work; )
Anonymous said…
Mashallah! What a great blog you have here. I have a huge collection of quotes too. I used to collect quotes while in school and that habit went away after I completed school. I still have my collection which I have written down in several books. You have now inspired me to start a collection online. I'm gonna start saving all my quotes online inshallah! Will send you a link to it when I'm started inshallah. Allah hafiz.
:: !zyan :: said…
salam. I do love quotes too. Have several collections of them since secondary school =). They are my friends when I really need a friend to share my feeling.
ayasofya said…
salam sis,can i know how to order ur second book online?
Sis Zabrina said…

As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Dear aidabelle, JazakAllah khayran for getting your copy of Life is an Open Secret- Think About It. And i am truly humbled that you find the book motivating and inspiring, alhamdulillah.

My latest book- Life is an Open Secret- You, Me and We is now available starting today in MPH bookstores. And if you can make it, i would love to meet up with you too during my book signings over these few weekends! Hope to meet up with you, inshaAllah!

Hugs and Salaams
Sis Zabrina
Sis Zabrina said…

As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Dearest Sis Muslimah from India, I am truly glad that you have passion for collecting quotes! And i cant wait to read your collection too! Please do send me the link. Take care sis, and jazakAllah khayran for reading my blog.

Hugs and Salaams
Sis Zabrina
Sis Zabrina said…

As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Dearest Sis Izyan, You are right. Quotes can help trigger deeper thoughts we usually brush aside. I totally and absolutely am in love with quotes too! LOL. Maybe you can share them with us all in

Hugs and Salaams
Sis Zabrina
Sis Zabrina said…

As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Dearest Sis Ayasofya, The new book Life is an Open Secret- You, Me and We can be purchased online at

Thank you for your support sis!

Hugs and Salaams
Sis Zabrina
Day Dreamer said…
Assala mua'laikum Sis Zab,

'Do You Love Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Too?'

As your friend said, i, also wondering where u get all the quotes?

Some of them i knew it, but mostly i dont, and i'll say that i have a same hobby too.

But, some of them were lost and i have to start making a neu collecting beside some of the stickers, poster, banners from websites.

Again, Congrats for the neu book even i've said it thru my email to you.