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Treat With Mercy to Receive The Same - A Motivational Story on Loving Others


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Treat With Mercy to Receive The Same - A Motivational Story on Loving Others

My brother's daughter, soon-to-be one year old dotes and loves my dad to the max, mashaAllaah. If she cries, one person who can make her stop is her grandpapa. She can simply sits with him on his lap for hours (no kidding!) while my dad reads his books. To her, as long as my dad is just beside her, life is wonderful!

She melts my heart, mashaAllaah.

Both of them reminded me of this beautiful hadeeth from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may Allaah's peace and blessings be upon him),

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah's Apostle kissed Al-Hasan bin Ali while Al-Aqra' bin Habis At-Tamim was sitting beside him. Al-Aqra said, "I have ten children and I have never kissed anyone of them," Allah's Apostle cast a look at him and said, "Whoever is not merciful to others will not be treated mercifully." {Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 26}

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has advised us to always be merciful which means to be kind, compassionate, gracious, loving, caring, warm and merciful to others in order to receive the same treatment. Just look at what Prophet (pbuh) did.

He kissed his grandson, mashaAllaah. He expressed his love to his grandson without shyness, you agree? it is so heart-warming when we think about it, right? Dont you think this hadeeth reflected how gentle, kind and loving Prophet (pbuh) was? How many of us nowadays could show affections in the open? Are we merciful to others and show them gentleness and kindness? Are we compassionate to others? Are we loving and caring enough, not only to children but to all those are around us, as how Prophet (pbuh) had demonstrated?

I will always keep this advice close to my heart, inshaAllaah.

What about you my brothers and sisters?

Let us all take heed, InshaAllaah...

...Whoever is not merciful to others will not be treated mercifully...

Think about it...

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naziehah said...

Story that made you feel warm inside.

I like the variety of this entry. Short and sweet! :)

nik siti said...

Yes, this story of yours are totally correct. But there are only several, like our Rasulullah (peace be upon him). For me or for everybody is(should be); loving somebody is to be love in return; caring for somebody is to be care in return; smiling to somebody is to be smile in return; giving hand to somebody is to be give hand in return; but all this return is all by Allah swt, without him there is no in return. Or without returning to Him, we are hoping from somebody else. We will be in great sadness if this happen... There will be "Manan" in us, when we are hoping from other to pay back for us in return. Let Allah The Great pay back us. Because its going to be a marvelous pay back if its from Allah swt. Waullah hualam...

Sis Zabrina said...


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Dearest Sis Naziehah, Alhamdulillaah, you are right. When i read the hadeeth the first time, i felt the same warmth in my heart.

Short and sweet is great, dont you think?

Love and Salaam
Sis Zabrina
~ Life Storyteller ~

Sis Zabrina said...


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Salaam Nik Siti, JazakAllaah for your comment. You are right, all rewards are definitely from Allaah. SubhanAllaah, that you mentioned mannan as this is the topic i am going to put up on 1st March 2008, inshaAllaah. I believe we would not fall into mannan if we do not mention/remind others about our deeds. Mannan is when we remind others of our good deeds. Indeed, Allaah has said that He shall give us according to our efforts, inshaAllaah.

Salaams and Love
Sis Zabrina
~ Life Storyteller ~

Anonymous said...

Asalaamualaykum beloved sister, Zabrina.

Pray that you and your loved ones are well, Insha'Allah. For the past week or so, i have been reading your motivational stories, and I just want to say Jaza'kallah. I couldnt stop reading, and in the end, i decided to start reading your entries from the very first one you posted.

May Allah reward you for your efforts and for helping others through the advice you have given.

Jaza'kallah khairan once again, and I look forward to reading your next entry, Insha'Allah.


Sis Zabrina said...


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Wa eyyakum, inshaAllaah dear Anonymous, I am happy to know that my writings has benefited you, alhamdulillaah. I am just the writer who conveys, and the One who Guides your heart and my heart is our beloved Creator.

Please pray to Him that He Guides you, me and all our brothers and sisters; and keep us all in His Rightfully Guided path till the end of time, inshaAllaah, Ameen.

Also, let us earn more of His reward by sharing and spreading His Words. Do share this blog address to your loved ones and the ones who know, inshaAllaah.

Sis Zabrina
~ Life Storyteller ~