The Secret of Wealth Is... - A Motivational Story On Wealth Abundance


As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

The Secret of Wealth is... - Motivational Story on Wealth Abundance

That day i heard a story of a generous Muslim businessman who devotes much of his wealth for Allaah. Seems that no matter how much he gave away, his wealth keeps on increasing.

His charitable acts reminds me of a verse from the Holy Quran,

The likeness of those who spend their money for Allah's sake, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn), it grows seven ears, every single ear has a hundred grains, and Allah multiplies (increases the reward) for whom He wills, and Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures needs, All Knower' (2: 261).

It is a no wonder that he is where he is right now. He started off being so poor and now he is among the riches man in the country, SubhanAllaah.

Imagine this- receiving a grain of corn that has 7 ears and for that every single ear, it has another 100 grains? Can we even comprehend what that looks like?

Indeed Allaah is the Most Generous...

I love to imagine a saying by Gandhi,

The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose

That is sure a lovely thought, you agree?

Prophet Muhammad (may Allaah's peace and blessings be upon him)has once reminded us of the reward awaiting if we spend in charity,

The prophet (may Allaah's peace and blessings be upon him) said: 'If one gives in charity that equals one date-fruit from money that is earned in lawful way, and Allah only accepts what is lawful, Allah shall take it in His right (hand) and then enlarges it's reward for that person (who has given it), just like any of you who brings up his baby horse, so much so that it (i.e. the charity) becomes as big as a mountain'.(Sahih Bukhari)

SubhanAllaah, I cant get over this. Spend in charity an amount worth the value of a date-fruit and the reward is like having a baby horse that becomes as big as a mountain? How many hundred if not thousand folds has that small baby horse grown, i wonder.

Isn't that amazing?

I asked myself this question- Can't i spend or donate my money that is equal to the value of one date-fruit in the name of Allaah? How much would a date-fruit cost? A dollar? A quarter? A dime? A nickel? Is that still too much for me? Don't i want to receive such gift from Allaah?

Astaghfirullaah... May Allaah forgive me of my care-less conduct and not hurrying myself towards earning His Love and Rewards...

I know now that I want that baby horse that can grow into the size of a mountain. I really do. What about you my friends? Do you want it too? I am sure we all do, right?

So, what are we waiting for?

We all know what we have to do, so, just as how Nike love to say it- Just Do It!

This week's 'Think About It' questions are

1) Do you have a story to share with us of individuals who spend in Allaah's way? Do you see the blessings of Allaah in their lives? What did they do?

2) Have you been blessed by someone's generosity? How do you thank Allaah for it?

3) Have you given charity to someone in need recently? What motivate you to do it?

4) Do you think it is easier to give or to receive?

5) After reading this post, how do you intend to earn your grain that has 7 ears and on each ear has 100 grains? Or have a baby horse that grow as huge as a mountain? What are the changes that you plan and want to do right now in order to receive such reward from Allaah, the Most Kind, Most Generous?

Share with us your story and who knows, someone will be inspired by it, inshaAllaah.

Now, that's another kind of reward altogether! :)

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Sketched Soul said…
As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister Zabrina,

Masha'Allah.. I absolutely love your post!

May Allah give us the strength, desire, and means to fulfill our duty. Ameen.

Jazak'Allah for sharing this with us.

Wa'alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana
Sis Zabrina said…

As Salaamu 'alaykum and peace to all,

Wa'alaykum salaam wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuh my sweet sister Farhana,

Wa eyyakum, inshaAllaah, habibty. And ameen to your prayers. May Allaah bless us and grant us His Mercy and Abundance in this world and hereafter, inshaAllaah.

JazakAllaah for the sweet comment. I went to your blog and i absolutely loved it too! I am going to join your The Never Ending Swap project right after this. You sure got creativity sis.

Love and Salaam
Sis Zabrina