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As Salaamu 'alaykum and Peace to all,

Welcome to my blog. I dedicate this blog to my parents who have taught me everything that i know and to the people i love, you know who you are. I name this blog as 'Power Of Words' because i believe that words are powerful. It can change a person, it can move a family, it can drive a nation, it can lift our spirit up. But it can also do the very opposite. Destroy a person, a family, a nation.

I have been writing from the tender age of seven. Stories which i wrote have always made it to the school's magazines. I have always appreciate good readings. Especially readings that involve Ad-Deen, human, psychology, feelings, relationship, motivation and paradigm shift. I once stopped writing due to the nature of the degree i pursued. But now, i have re-discovered my passion. Shouldn't have ignored it before. The good news is that it is not too late, Insya'Allaah.

I shall be posting my own writings and others' which interest me. You can expect good motivational and inspirational readings here. Excellent inspiring and inspirational quotes, proverbs, poems shall be posted here. Readings that can make you think. Enjoy your stay here and do come back!

Take care and be safe.

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Sis Zabrina
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